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Commercial Photography

How does it work?

1. Tell us about your business

Call or email us about your project. We can then discuss your location, product and business descriptions, what you require the images for and any other specific requirements. We will then send you a quotation.

2. Confirm your shoot

Once you have confirmed your happy with our quotation when can then schedule your photo shoot for when best suits you, our client and around our other commitments. Due to our official commitments on the weekends at equine events, so during the week works well for scheduling commercial shoots. We also will discuss all requirements for the shoot to make sure that we will be ready for the shoot and have everything to make it go as smooth as possible.

3. Your Photo Shoot

We arrive to the day of your photo shoot!

All the days requirements have been discussed and we are ready. We arrive to take the images with our professional cameras & lense. With your input and help throughout the shoot you will be involved every step of the way to ensure we capture your vision of your business.

4. Photography & Editing

Your images will then be professional edited in post production and every image is colour checked, cropped and optimised.

5. Download Images

Once we have your images ready, we will send you a link so that you can download the images via our website. *terms & conditions apply

We also can provide them to you on a flash drive or CD as we understand that the internet is not as readily available in rural areas.