Wild Fillies Photography | 2018 Highlights Gallery
Thank you again to the awesome team at Landmark Equine for an amazing event. We have images available for purchase. This month they will be $44 incl GST. From March 1st they will go back up to $88 incl GST per image.
If you would like a proof gallery, please email us through our contact form with the event, horse and rider you would like to see.
For all Images from Round one of the Young Guns and Round One of the CHallenge please go to Kate Jones Photography HERE
We will load a highlights gallery this week 19FEB18 but for your entire run please contact us for a proof gallery and you can see your campdraft run, wet work or final of challenge or your sale horse entire gallery of images to purchase from.
All purchased images are high resolution. Any questions please email emma@wildcoltproductions.com.au
Cheers Em Yeo
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