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Wild Fillies Photography ~  on FRONT COVERS

Our Front Cover Web Page will show which of our images are on newstands.

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Wild Colt Productions

We have got through a chilly winter down here in NSW and now spring has sprung and it's time to tell you about the new business we are developing.


Wild Colt Productions will be launched over the next few months and is the multi media side of our business. 

By providing high quality multi media services including videography in conjunction with the professional photography from Wild Fillies we hope to help businesses in our industry market their businesses to reflect their professionalism.


We are excited to partner with Landmark Equine based here in Tamworth to promote the Landmark Classic Sale coming up in Feb 2013 as well as the new sales that they are holding in Wagga, Tamworth, Toowoomba, NCHA Futurity and Paradise Lagoons.


We are extremely proud and look forward to bringing you more promos from clients as well as the Wild Colt website.

To check out all promo videos subscribe to our YouTube channel 

Landmark Equine Website and Landmark Equine YouTube Channel

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Wild Fillies Photography on DUST N BOOTS -



We are very proud of our association with the fantastic clothing company Dust n Boots

In 2009 a mutual friend forwarded an email to Gina - owner of Dust n Boots, with a 'launch' of a website called Wild Fillies Photography. Gina & Em spoke briefly after this and established a mutual love of the north and outback and realised how many friends they had in common. Em and Gina kept in touch and when Gina was heading up to Em's beloved Kimberley to see her daughter Milly

DNB_Apr2011_24pp Catalogue_Pg1 it seemed like an opportunity for Em to shoot a catalogue on the station. This didn't eventuate at the time, but only a few months later a call from Gina gave Wild Fillies Photography their first opportunity to shoot a commercial catalogue.

Time was of the absolute essence with tight printing and graphic design deadlines, models flying in, and the remote location.

But Em, Andrew, Gina & Mal together with the wonderful models and a dose of outback determination got the shoot done and wrapped in 2 1/2 days. 


Now we are in 2012 and about to head up again to the beautiful Warialda in northern NSW to shoot our 4th catalogue. We thank Gina & Mal and all the team at Dust n Boots and can't wait to see her new range and share it with you all.


Please support Dust n Boots and their great range of work wear, dress shirts and accessories to take you from the yards to town and back again.





APH Cover AM2011 index


Our pride and joy is seeing our images on the front cover of some of the top magazines in the country.

Every cover is special and it's an amazing feeling to see all the hard work, long hours and trying conditions to get that perfect shot realised on the newstands. But only twelve months ago since we had the excitement of seeing our first front cover.

A phone call whilst we were in Benalla, Victoria from Tracey (editor of Australian Peformance Horse) giving us the opportunity to have a front cover featuring the Upper Horton Campdraft & Rodeo was met with great excitement.

Upper Horton is a fantastic New Year event which was Em & Andrew's first major horse event together. It has become a family affair with Em's dad Steve being one of the Pick-up men at the Rodeo. Also the great families who run Upper Horton, the Kelly's and the Steigers, are so welcoming us that it feels like a family get together.

This image at Upper Horton was our very first front cover in April 2011.

Since then we have had the thrill of seeing our images in print many time but our first cover of Teneille Clifford and Boree Bar remains one of our favourites. 


Wild Fillies Photography on WILD FILLIES PHOTOGRAPHY cont.

If you haven't read this article in the Australian Performance Horse Magazine, click on the photo to bring up the PDF larger version. The talented Beverley Neil rang me mid 2011 to do a small one page article on my story and the development of our business Wild Fillies Photography. I was extremely honoured and pleased with the result as you see here. Emma Bradshaw Coonamble Rodeo 2011-0367


A few months later, Beverley rang me again and asked if we could again do a larger article for a different magazine. Being an avid "Outback Magazine" fan from its' inception, Em secretly hoped that it would be the one she was thinking of.                                                                                                                                              

australian performance horseAPH YARN - Emma Bradshaw

We were heading to Paradise Lagoons Campdraft when she rang with the news. Outback was going to run with the story in the October edition. I'm sure I did the happy dance for about four days and then had a few months to wait for the result. 


You can see the OUTBACK Magazine article on Em excerpt HERE





































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